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Thread: Reloading clear out.

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    Reloading clear out.

    Hi all having a clear out.

    Factory ammo - Geco 105gr SP - SOLD

    I also have a FORSTERS case trimmer only have one pilot with it think its 308 never used it- SOLD
    RCBS Press -SOLD

    RCBS Uniflow powder measured -SOLD The mobile reloading stand will be given to the new owner of the press.

    Not got round to putting everything on yet, as I find more stuff I will add it on.

    Please PM for a reply

    thanks for looking.
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    looking for a kinetic hammer if you have such a thing!

    Many thanks

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    wish you were closer could do with another rock chucker

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    Big D

    i don't have one for sale but there is one finishing on eBay at 8 PM tonight, not mine just seen it when I was looking.

    all the best.

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    Hi Tam you have pm

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    Hi don't suppose you have a set of rcbs 505 scales

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    hannams do them @ 24.99

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    All PM's answered, cheers.

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    No chance of a 308 Lee Loader I suppose?

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