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Thread: Hunting In South Africa

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    Hunting In South Africa

    Has anyone been stalking in South Africa? As my last decent holiday with the wife before any nippers arrive, we're off to SA for 3 weeks in the summer. In addition to safaris etc, i'm keen to stalk an impala or springbok etc. Has anyone done this or know of any good companies? I'm keen to go with a reputable guide to ensure the right animals are culled and that the meat is not wasted.

    Any ideas?


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    Hi Tanker,
    I have posted info before on Hunting in SA, so if you do a search on all my posts you may find some info that could help you.
    If you need any further specific info please be in touch


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    I reckon that you could do alot worse than to call Bob Goss at ECH. . I have not been to Africa with him but have stalked fallow with him and he is a lovely bloke. Take a look, it may be just what you need.

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    HI Tanker. I have never been but do want to at some point. I am in touch with one outfit that sends me emails on occasion on any offers they have. I have no idea about the value of these offers but i had one yesterday which looks good and will give you something else to compare with other offers you no doubt already have.

    Hello there,

    A hunting opportunity came up that we thought you may find of some interest…

    Hunt Botswana, Limpopo and Kwa Zulu Natal over 14 days for only $3,790.00 per person and enjoy 3 different hunting experiences during the same safari! This averages out to a daily rate of less than $271p/p for a 1X1 hunt in some of the best areas available to hunt in Southern Africa!

    Instead of putting an animal package together for you we decided to let you design your own package and hunt the animals you selected at specially reduced trophy fees…

    The basic itinerary looks like this:

    Day 1 - Arrive at Johannesburg International Airport and transfer by road to the Tuli Block in Botswana. Here you will be hosted in luxury tents with en-suite bathrooms.

    Day 2 – 6 - Track game and hunt for 5 days with bushmen trackers directly from camp for any of the following species:

    Trophy Fee

    Blue W/Beest









    Day 7 - Road transfer to Sabrisa Ranch in Limpopo Province where you will be hosted in our air conditioned chalet en enjoy the peace and tranquillity that originally drew us to our ranch.

    Day 8 – 9 - Hunt one Bushbuck for free here on our ranch and if you didn’t get your Kudu in Botswana you can hunt it over here too.

    Day 10 - Road Transfer to Emaweni in Natal were you will be hosted in our camp with the most spectacular views in the country – GUARANTEED! Accommodations in en-suite chalets.

    Day 11 – 13 - Hunt Emaweni for any of the following species:


    Blue W/beest







    Day 14 - Road transfer back to Johannesburg International Airport.

    Interested? Please contact us immediately if you would like to set dates for your safari of a lifetime!

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    I have hunted all over Southern Africa, and have several good friends out there who operate across SA and Namibia, all of whom I have known for close on 16 years and taken all the plains game with them, and dangerous game. If you PM me I will give you details and you can talk directly with them.

    However it should be noted that as all the shows are on in the States at present, you will have difficulty contacting most good safari companies or PH's until after mid February, as they will be doing the rounds.

    I would also make sure you know exactly what is included in the daily rate, and also trophy fees are trophy animals not cull animals. Also if field prep of trophies is included, wines and soft drinks, licences as well. If you hunt in Botswana will you need to pay transport costs of the trophies back into SA?. Is pick up and return included to major airport, and also be aware that brining a firearm inot SA is not so easy as it used to be, and also taking it into Botswana you will need permission at the border (or at least you did when I was there)
    You will also find that some Safari operators charge differently if they know you are from the UK, the dollar dissapears and Euros or sterling kicks in. Check them out with the Hunting Report, or ask for references befre parting with any money.

    There are many many operators in SA, some are very good, some mediochre, others bad, although it is rare to hear of really bad ones these days, most have died the death.

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