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Thread: Muntjac

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    Hi all

    Just thought I would share this with you as it was a good morning for me.

    Was out at first light and saw some very good Roe does and fawns, some to be culled later no doubt.

    A big pluss was that I bumped into a really good six pointer (good for Norfolk anyway) that I had seen a couple of times earlier in the season and had not seen again untill this morning. I thought he had left my ground for good, but hopefully he had stayed out of harms way and sowed his oats so to speak

    About half an hour after Mr buck I ran into Mr Muntjac, good for me not so good for him

    When I picked him up to hang him for the bleed and part gralloch I was surprised at the weight.
    When I got home and weighed him in the larder he was 41lb head and legs on and pluck intact, and 33lb clean in his jacket

    Now I am sure people on here have shot "bigger and better" Muntjac than this, but after checking my records for this estate he is by far the heaviest.

    In fact he is the heaviest I have shot on any of my ground.

    Would like to hear from other people about the weight's of your Muntjac.

    Just a quick question for other Norfolk stalkers, "do you think that Roe bucks heads are starting to improve in our area or is just my imagination"



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    bloody hell max dont shoot everything wait till ive come up
    from ZUMMERSET
    glad to hear you had a good stalk mate nice looking buck
    sorry cant help on the weight comparison only have roe
    on my patch down in cider country .
    regards pete

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    He is a good weight - any idea how old??

    Looking back over my records, the heaviest muntjac buck I've shot was 32 lbs larder weight - a 4 year old back in 2003. The average weight of muntjac bucks I've shot is just under 23 lbs in the larder.


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    Bejesus, that's a belter. Well done.

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    Hello willie_gunn

    Thanks for the feed back.

    I would put him around 5/6 years old. Have a look at the pictures and see what you think.
    I am not sure of the life span of Muntjac, if they dont get culled of course .

    Antler wise he looks to be going back and being a heavy weight he has obviously been a good fighter in his time as his right tusk is long gone and healed over.


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    SD Regular willie_gunn's Avatar
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    Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire....and Sutherland
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    According to both the SD site and the BDS site, muntjac can live up to the age of 16 in the wild.

    Trying to age deer is always subjective, but I'd go with your estimate. The teeth look comparatively worn and in the close up of the head he looks like a mature animal, but probably only ageing by tooth section would give an accurate answer.

    Thanks again for posting the pics.


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    Big animal! On my patch (north Hampshire) the average for a full grown buck is about 28lbs, head and legs on and gralloched. Anything over 30lbs is a monster for us. The biggest that I've heard of was 37 lbs and that's huge.

    Can't really tell from the angle of the photo but the pedicles look pretty short - they get shorter as the animal gets older and really thicken out. There's a bit of tooth wear showing there and I wouldn't be surprised if he's at least 10.


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    Max that looks like a nice buck
    any more pics from different angles???
    this was a buck i shot earlier this year
    it was 41lbs i think if memory serves
    deduct 5lbs for the jacket and left 36 lbs my biggest weight to to date

    on average mine go from 25-35 lbs jacket off but they are stocky little beggars
    as for age i was going on about 8 years but can't really tell that accurately from the pics
    but nice buck all the same
    i heard of a buck that was shot lately , it went 42lbs jacket off
    will try and see if the stalker has any pics of it that he will let me hav

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    Munt-zilla! It's bigger than your chiller!
    Nice Buck Max! I reckon he would be about 7-8 years old but who can tell for sure? Actually, does it really matter? I just log them as either young, mature or old. It isn't going to affect the cull plan as I shoot every one I see anyway (with due consideration to dependant fawns etc..) The larder looks to be coming on nicely too.
    One of my areas seems to spawn monsters occasionally. Must be someting in the water!

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    Hi Max
    He's a big bugger ain't he.

    Average for us is about 24lb head & legs off skin on 26lb is the heaviest we've had. But you know us Hereford boys lean & mean sh*****g machines

    See ya mate


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