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Thread: Howa or Weatherby vanguard stock

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    Howa or Weatherby vanguard stock

    i have a long action stock for HOWA or Weatherby Vanguard long action. This stock is light weight and really comfortable to shoot with. It is aluminium bedded and has also had a gun smith further bedding work. HS precision stocks are top class and this is no acception fitted to my Weatherby 300 win mag it shot sub MOA groups my best was 12mm or 1/2inch at 100m with factory ammo.

    new these stock cost alot of money I am asking for 130 posted as Royal Mail are becoming very expensive. It is in used condition of which it the odd scratch on the surface - see pics. The barrel channel has been worked as when I fired with the mod on it would touch the stock mcausing erratic groups but no not once it was adjusted. About 7 of the scratches have been corrected with a green pen and can be seen in the pictures. If in doubt I will email more pics if you send me a PM.

    You might think that you will get a better stock with a boyds but I bet you don't get the same accuracy( speaking from experience). Plus you won't have to splash out on a bedding job or finish kit.

    Will fit 25-06, 270, 30-06, 7mm RM, 300win mag. I tried my mates 30-06 and it dropped straight into my bedding so no problems at all.

    thanks for looking.

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    Gutted! I would have had this, if only it was a short action Varmint profile!

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    Sold- pending funds.

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