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Thread: What do you think????? Fox?

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    What do you think????? Fox?

    Call froma good farmer friend of mine earlier in the week saying one of his lambs has been badly bitten. We haven't seen any foxes on there for months (and neither has he) but we do call regularly just to check and often bait areas in case a new fox is present. I called today to have a look at the lamb and took the attached pics. The lamb is a fair size so if a fox has done this damage it likely jumped on it while it was asleep/lay down. Never seen this before so thought I'd ask.

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    Looks like a dog bite from the picture may look different close up!

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    Hard to say even close up but his place is way out away from villages etc. have neve seen dogs loose there.

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    It looks suspiciously like a dog to me. We had the same on a farm I use to keeper although we saw the lurcher in with the lambs. Very similar wound.

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    Thanks chaps. I'll ask him to keep an eye out but he's not seen any dogs knocking about. I guess it's always possible a pikey came along and let his dog out on them.

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    +1 for lurcher bite and I would suggest to him that he should have a count up too.

    We had a spate of kills by lads lamping the lambs around 10 years ago but I would doubt that it would be restricted to where i was keepering.

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    Again it looks like a dog bite to me, too big and too deep for a fox. They haven't got a very strong bite compared with most dogs.

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    As the others have said - dog.

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    seriously doubt it was a fox, back of the neck on a big lamb sounds more like a long dog to me

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    Its got to be a dog

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