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Thread: ghillies job seasonal/trainee/understalker

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    ghillies job seasonal/trainee/understalker

    hi chaps ime looking for a job any were in the uk i was fulltime keeper and stalker in perthshire just over the hill from glen artney for a number of years very experienced with deer and birds, stunning cv and references looking for any work in the industry any where in the country.

    regards neil
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    There were a couple of positions advertised on the classified pages on

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyR View Post
    jobs going at Corrour
    is that donnald? i fear ive missed the cut off date

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    Send ur details in anyway and ill try have a word, it's

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    ok cheers ive been away at a interveiw/4 day trial in cornwall for a week!

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    Fingers crossed for you.
    I've applied for everything that's been advertised this year(keepers job-wise) and not even had a sniff of an interview this time!

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