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Thread: Best Sling?

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    Best Sling?

    What's the best sling currently?
    I'm after something in the 'over the shoulder' range rather than the backpack type. I'd also prefer a cammo neoprene type.
    I've been looking at the Butler Creek one which looks ok (I already have a black one) and also the Nigeloh one which is almost twice the price! Is it any better, or is there something else that I'm missing. Any recommendations appreciated.

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    Here's mine Mick. It gives me the choice of slack over the shoulder or tight for range work/packing etc.
    I'm not sure where you would get one here in UK, I got mine from Germany, but I'm sure there must be a leather-smith capable of copying it.

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    921.95 and thay have sold one ! was it you
    i'v got one of them cost me $19 odd at wallmart ok ,good on a light rifle but my rpa bounces and it slips back on shoulder when i'v got a mod on? so no its not that good been looking for one wide soft padded one with a thumhole !
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    Niggeloh do a brown neoprene and leather which i use. Cant see anything close.

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    yes i forgot about them, i had one on my 25-06 that i sold good sling so back to the CLA G/F buying list add that on to it thanks . more cash needed ! sell the kids

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    Z aim is what I use keeps my weapon tight in the shoulder can climb around without slipping off the shoulder

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    see what you mean but i don't like the back pack types unless its not for I.A use, just traveling to and from then it a good way to carry

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    Have a look at the Quake Claw one from .
    They are pretty well non slip.


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    just order'd one 26 squids

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