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Thread: first red stag

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    first red stag

    this is my first red stag .. he is not a massive head but memerable never the less . shot him today ,on my birthday, Co Donegal...will always remember this one...

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    Well done mate, I still remember my first stag on the hill. I was nine and i had only ever shot paper prior to him. Was he holding hinds when you shot him ? or has the rut not started over there.


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    Great stuff!

    As you say, a stalk that will remain in your memory forever.


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    yes Auquhollie , he was holding 5 hinds... the rut is about 2 weeks old here now......

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    happy birthday,nice stag i,m glad to see you recovered from your so-called mulled wine

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    Happy Birthday fella and congrats on your first Red stag..

    Hope to be taking my first Red very soon

    Enjoy your day


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    Hey Mac

    Looks a damn fine animal. Got my 1st a few weeks back up in the Dee valley (not such a nice head though). the actress said to the bishop "size isn't everything" !

    I think the quality of the stalk is more important than the trophy head but what memories in years to come.

    What rifle/cal and how many paces ? Tell the stalk story !

    Well done (oh yeh...happy birthday)


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    the story

    Arrived at the destination around 6.30 , stayed in the car until about 7.00 it was just starting to get clear.. My mate and I searched with our binos along the tree line at the bottom of a long grassy field.
    We couldnt see anything for a while but as it started to clear i could see a couple of dark figures imerging at the furthest away point , about 600 yrds we thought ..
    We made our way along the top of the field using a hedge to break our figures. My mate , who doesnt stalk,he was just tagging along for the experience, He sat down at the top of the field with his back to the hedge, and gave me the signal to go on alone... He had a good vantage point to see me , the whole field , and the deer at the bottom ..
    I could see that the deer closest to me was thick set and was a stag. He had 5 hinds with him.
    I made my way down the field slowly using a tree about 200 yrds in front of me for cover.. all the while checking to see if they had spotted me.
    When i got to the tree I had to go it on my belly in the long grass as i had nothing more to hide me..
    I gained about another 50 yrds or so , my heart was racing boom boom boom , i am supprised the deer didnt hear it...when suddenly SNAP i had crawelled over a twig which broke..
    The hinds were all on red allert, heads up scanning the whole field, they knew there was someone there but they just couldnt pick me out in the poor light... I was froze , heart still banging away..
    I sat tight for a while hoping they would settle again. No such luck , they started to move into the trees.
    I had abandoned my sticks at the top of the field knowing that i was well above them , i could use the bipod..
    I quietly opened the bipod and looked through the scope (swar 8x56). I could see the stag plain , but his ladies were moving away..
    It was now or never..
    If this lad sees his ladies heading off , he is going to follow them..
    I lined up the cross hairs behind the front leg, heart boom boooming like mad, squeezed BOOOOOOOOOOM ( winchester .270 in a Howa 1500)
    heard the ecco of a thud coming back , i knew i had done good...
    He staggered left, then he staggered right, and the de dissapered downwards.
    I jumped up and looked round for my mate who was already half way down the field to me......
    We both speped it out and make it 230 paces........
    I still have a big smile on my face and will have for a wee while yet..

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    Brilliant !

    Tks Mac

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