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Thread: Bank holiday Monday stalk

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    Bank holiday Monday stalk

    I was out a mooch this morning .3hours of nothing but it was great to be out n about in the fresh air.
    About 9 am I thought time to go home so I started the walk back to the farm , then in thick cover I saw the rear end of a roe disappearing into some trees , a quick glance through the binos confirmed it was a buck. He was thrashing about the branches above him and at the ground with his antlers , at about 200 yards I watched him throughout the scope.
    He was busy so I quickly and quietly made up the ground between us at about 120 yards I again looked through the scope , I could only see his head and neck , I moved about 20 yards to the right , and he stepped out into a little clearing showing me his profile perfectly , the ground rising behind him I took the shot. ,he fell where he stood ,

    i made in , making sure he was dead , I placed a hand on his chest and thanked him for allowing me the shot.
    ​not the biggest head. But my first this year.
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    Nice beastie, well done!

    Its good to get the 1st one for the year under your belt, seem to come easier after that.



    Alba gu brąth

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    Lovely little buck!

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    Well done and good on you for waiting for the right shot .

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    Nice buck, well done.

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    well done

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