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Thread: New land

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    New land

    Just been offered some woodland near Doncaster farmer says there are munty on it full of brambles I could not see any what should I be looking for and are they prolific in the Doncaster area
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    I'd check for slots in any damp areas, as you say there's a lot of cover so seeing them will be nigh on impossible unless there are some wide paths or rides. Alternatively listen out at dusk and you may hear them barking although being on the edge of the population they are likely to be few and far between meaning they will probably be less vocal.

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    Thanks guys shoot on a game shoot about 3 mile away and seen 2 in three years don't think there is many in the area
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    Deerstalking opportunities are very few and far between in and aroun Donny, and whilst I know of there being roe and reds in certain areas I've not heard of munties being spoken of until now. Many farmers are extremely reluctant to let people go after the deer or already have someone shooting them, poaching with lurchers used to be vey prolific around Donny although its not as bad now.
    If the farmer has told you there are muntjac then he will know what he's talking about and I would take the land in a flash as land in that area is as I say hard to come by. Do make sure that you get written permission to to shoot deer and make sure he hasn't given someone permission by wor of mouth in the past as sure as hell they'll turn up and give you grief.

    as for signs....
    Slots in mud, tunnels through the brambles, 'runs' across ditches. Try putting a feed station out with some split maize and then look for activity around that station.

    im a Donny lad myself and so I have a good knowledge of the area...... Just incase anyone was planning on arguing.

    good luck and keep it close to your chest.


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    AJ, Don't worry too much about not seeing them now. It won't take long for them to clear the bramble.

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    Been muntjac in and around the area for a number of years, three fished out of the canal less than a mile from my house last year.
    Keep hearing reports of them all over the area some from reliable sources ie reserve wardens, have defiantly seen odd slots and droppings on my land but as yet not bumped or seen one..

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    Farmer said he saw one while spraying earlier in year I cannot see any signs don't think it is viable would have problems getting land passed would need high seats may be in 5 years thanks for your replies

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    If its for free, what's the problem ? If he has seen them they will be there in numbers if its as thick as you say. Don't worry in advance about getting land passed if there is a need to control deer it won't be refused but as you say they may request a seat. The muntjac will come out into the fied margins anyway so you won't have to worry about cutting back vast swathes of bramble.
    if you move about the wood at last light you may get the Munties barking it may give you an idea about what's there, you can often get a few of them barking from different locations at the same time.

    if you don't want it now though I'm sure there will be plenty of others that would, or maybe find a partner off here or a mate that would share the cost of seats with you. Either way don't turn your back on it !

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    it not free this is a Yorkshire farmer

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