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    Mod Cover

    Got one of the mod covers from bush war it took me about 15mins to get it on had to put a bit of gun oil on it in the end to get it on. Now I am wondering your guys that use these mod covers do you take them of after every trip or not? And if you donít take them off do they do any damage atoll for leaving them on for long periods of a time?



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    Best way to fit them is to turn outside in and roll it on like a........well like a mod cover really . I take mine off every time as i dont want the damp to be trapped under it.
    The more you remove/fit it the slacker it gets.


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    Left mine on the T4 since I bought it 2 years ago!

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    Mines been on my T8 for years, it was such a struggle to get the bloody thing on there was no way I was going to go through that on a regular basis. As for damage etc the only way I have of gauging this is to judge it by it's effectiveness and accuracy. So as it is still effective and accurate I judge it to be OK, not exactly scientific I know but it seems OK. All I do with it is to stand it on end on a radiator, in fact it lives there, and this seems to have worked OK for years. I used to give it a squirt of WD40 when this was thought to be the way to do things, but it has not had any of this for 2 or 3 years. I must be doing something right or just lucky.


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    TBH i do very much the same except i take of the willy warmer . I dont bother with cleaning (wildcat ). The rifle yes, the mod no.


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