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    30:06 dies

    I am looking for a set of 3006 reloading dies. new or used, as long as it is mail order as i am too busy to visit my local shops. I am wanting full length ones, mine have a case firmly jammed in it, and this is a one of these days jobs.

    Happy to buy from a member here, or take any advice on where i can buy them on line. It is for an RCBS press



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    What make of dies do you have now??~Muir

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    Rcbs i believe, the dies are not the problem, it is the stuck case that is. i will take the time to sort this later and it may be my fault, i am not sure at this point. it is just that i am really busy working at the moment, and soon hope to be really busy stalking. With dies costing the price of 2 boxes, ammo such a problem to get, then it makes sense to just get more dies and sort the problem later.


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    I had a set of RCBS FL I had bought new maybe 20 years ago !

    Someone came in the shop a month ago with a like new set of Redding with an additional expander die . So I bought those for $20 and sold my old RCBS set online for $25 !

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