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Thread: Grouse moor beating wanted

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    Grouse moor beating wanted

    Hope ive posted this in the correct place , I after a moor to go beating on this season , ideally derbyshire buxton - glossop area or up in to yorkshire im down in newcastle-under-lyme so moors are a bit none existance down this way lol so after some where 2-2 1/2 hours away, been beating for years on the pheasants and done loads on the grouse so if anyone is or knows of a moor after good keen honist beater then please get in contact it would be very much appreciated Regards Adam

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    The best way is if u have any contacts/word of mouth, throu keepers mates or mates of mates. If u've done a lot in the past do u not have any contacts? The grouse keepers are all pretty close so even if u done it miles away there is a fair chance they will be able to get a contact down where u want.

    Don't know that area very well but pick up beside a lad from glossop on 1 moor and he's kept very busy on the moors in the area u are on about, so u should be ok if u can get ur foot in the door. Unfortunately i won't see him till the 15th unless he's elsewhere that day.

    Try asking in local gunshops? They'll know the score locally and have an idea where u might get in

    Some off the scottish moors take beaters in put them up and feed them, if u fancy a beating holiday, but some are still waiting till end off the month till the counts are in before they confirm dates

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    thats the problem there are no moors near me so its not that easy to go asking about in local gunshops farm supplies etc etc and dont know anyone that far a field , in the past ive always gone up to scotland and done a week at a time up there but was after somewhere closer to home i could go to more regularly , if you did get chance to have a word with the lad you know then id be greatfull if you could have a word and get some details from him , might have a look on the internet see what gunshops are up in the areas and give them a ring
    Thanks anyway

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    Could probably get you on in teesdale but its a canny drive for you
    only when the last tree has been felled,the last fish caught and the last river poisoned will man realise he cant eat money

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    Thanks bud but after a bit closer but thanks for the offer

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    try phoneing ur keeper mate up north, the grouse boys are generally a pretty close bunch and all speak to each other. Would be surprised if he didn't know somone in that area. a lot off boys from NE working up there and they move about a fair bit too

    i could possibly get u on that wee moor but it's even further than nemo's, next valley up, from wot i hear most keepers are reasonably optimistic, (even some off the scottish ones and that's unusual) for this season and most moors should be shooting this year

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    I dont know the keepers now but try and find a contact for Lord Derbys moor, not far from Leek. If i can get a number for you i will let you know.

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    If you could get me a number that would be great thanks and ill look in to it a bit moor lol

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    Chatsworth not shooting grouse now ? Moscar is next door , Stephen Lloyd is the keeper but I dont have his number

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