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Thread: Soldier murdered on our streets....

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    Soldier murdered on our streets....

    ....and this to55er talking shyte.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunting Solutions View Post
    ....and this to55er talking shyte.

    got to think of those votes....

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    No comment is probably for the best...
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    is he in f***ing cuckoo land glad i never voted for the tosser !!!! ukip is a start is he out to slap us in the face just like that other tossers blair and his wife !!

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    so do any of you have a drink on st Patrick's day, or have you forgot the lives taken by the Irish, small minded bigots, close this thread before it brings out the worst in people of this site.

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    We still have strongholds! Go to Barnsley

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    Admin, this needs closed before it gets out of control.

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    Why don't someone blow them up guy Fawkes had the right idea politicians are as corrupt now as the Barons & lords they replaced!
    If your realy out there join the Northwest Frontline

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    Just about sums the clown up !!!! He should wear a red nose every day.

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