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Thread: Tikka T3 .223REM 1:8 twist Varmint Stainless

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    SOLD Tikka T3 .223REM 1:8 twist Varmint Stainless

    Right hand Tikka T3 stainless varmint, black synthetic stock, in .223Rem. It has a 24Ē 1:8 twist varmint barrel suitable for stabilising bullets up to 80gr and shoots out to 600yards well. It is screwcut to accept a moderator in 5/8UNF, PM me if you require another thread on the rifle. Has a 6 round magazine with it.

    If you require RFD transfer, that will be no problem, Iíll box it and contribute half to whatever it costs to get it to you.

    I can supply load data for the bullets Iíve tried and found to work. Shot count is in region of 350-450 rounds.

    I have a spare 6 round magazine for it which is new and unused in the box, as these retail for ~£50, the price to any purchaser will be £25. Person who buys the gun gets first refusal on the magazine.

    Any inspection welcome, I am in the Chelmsford area. There are no marks or wear of any significance on the gun. PM me with any questions or if you require further photographs.

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    Can i have first dibs on the magazine please? I've got a super varmint 223 1-8 twist on order but its not gonna be with me until December at the earliest :-(. If it wasn't paid for already i would of had this!

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    Would it be possible to have the load data so im not starting from scratch on mine?

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    sold to me
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