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Thread: Deer around Sheffield?

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    Deer around Sheffield?

    Evenin' all,

    Somebody asked me if there are any deer around Sheffield. I found a pic of some stags near Dore village (Rouge), and heard tell of sightings of Roe, Muntjac and Fallow. All of that info is from Google, from Non stalking types who don't know a Fallow stag from a Red doe.

    So is there anybody on here what knows the lingo who has any sound knowledge of what lurks in the woods and fields around Steel city? Even betterer, anybody on here Stalking around the town?

    ​ Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Roe with in 8 miles of city centre seen them myself heard there are some nearer.Muntjac also ment to be in urban areas though I've not seen any. Reds very close took some photos this year on phone they were within 25 yards of the road. Tolerant of men in cars but not once the door opened.

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