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Thread: BASC Arran scheme (pics of stags)

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    BASC Arran scheme (pics of stags)

    Hi Everyone

    I have been asked to post these pictures of what looks like a fabulous week on the Stags c/o the BASC Arran scheme.

    I wasn't there myself but have been asked to post these pics by Griff.

    Hope you enjoy them and looks like the scheme is going as strong as ever.

    Also nice to see the shear delight on the lads face (who I presume shot the beast).

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    No denying he looks like all his christmases have come at once..

    Thats a beautifull Stag..

    Hope to have a smile like that myself very soon..


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    Bloody hells bells thats is one fine looking stag. I ll you one thing, i wouldnt like to have to drag him far !!!

    Well done to the stalker involved.


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    I have been considering going to Arran through the BASC scheme. But as allways I have a few questions and would rather they were answered by partakers rather than the salesman as it were.
    Are these shot on the edges of woods (bit like roe) or are these hill toppers?
    What rifles were used. I have a heym sr20 in stuzen .270 with s&8x56 and a R 93 pro with a mod and meopta 3-12x56 also in .270.

    Do you need to go up as a group or do single members go, I would be the latter.

    Judging by the size, machinary must have been used, what are the rules about using it. Do you call the head stalking (if there is one), how does it work.

    Would you go again (may be a stupid question but I thought I should ask).

    Many thanks


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    Wills, quite a few guys go as pairs, but singletons are very common, & you get paired up after a quick appraisal by Bob & Niel, seems to work in lots of cases, although as in anything else the odd pairing doesn't work well, so in cases like that people can be moved around, Beasts can be found all over the beats, but a lot of successes are on the tops, Only Bob & Niel are authorised to use machinery, & they are kept very busy with extractions, I & a pal went to Arran for a good few seasons, & it appears that a least the Stags are available in some numbers, Steve.

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