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Thread: Riflecraft tmr1 .22/250 complete foxing rig it's gotta go!

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    Riflecraft tmr1 .22/250 complete foxing rig it's gotta go!

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    After much dickering about and prevarication I have to sell my foxing rig. I'm not sure how much interest there'll be at a stalking forum but here goes.

    In essence a heavy barrelled semi-custom 22/250 with under 800 rounds down the barrel so still in the first flush of young.

    This lovely rifle was built new for me by Riflecraft as a dedicated truck gun for foxing. It was built on a new heavy barrelled Remmy 700 action with Badger big bolt knob, jewelled bolt, threaded for moderator, Riflebasix adjustable trigger, bedded into Choate Super Sniper Olive stock with adjustable height cheek pieces and butt plate. Currently fitted with Harris bipod, Remington rings & bases and Fox Firearms illuminated dot scope.

    I reckon I've put not more than 100 rounds a year through the rifle (based on a foxing trip say 40 out of 52 weeks (weather taking care of the rest) and sundry zeroing/wind practising sessions), so a .22/250 rifle with 700+ rounds through and always cleaned after use.

    I can supply load data for 55gn VMax and a few other 50/52gn target loads: I have always loaded for group size not MV and this rifle spits out 55grain VMax bullets at 3630fps: you can expect quarter inch groups.

    The only downside is that the barrel blacking has been rubbed where the T8 mod fitted.

    I've been finding it really hard to let this one go which is why I've been full of "shall I sell it - shan't I?" for over a year. This is a good friend, a faithful and reliable servant but there's no point me just keeping a rifle I'm not using or likely to use. Once this has gone I'm down to my Tikka 243 stalker, a Tikka 6BR range gun and my Sako Finnfire Range .22: that's a tenth of the rifles I had just a year ago and I'm doing so much less shooting now that I have to accept there's no point me hanging on to it for a re-barrel/rechamber so, please and thank you, I'm not interested in swaps, just money to put in the bank. Advertised for sale elsewhere.

    I'm asking 1000 for is as seen in the photos but I am open to serious offers guys. I'd prefer to sell it as a complete rig but will consider splitting if there's interest: stock/barrelled action & trigger/bipod/scope/mounts.

    Available by separate negotiation, I can supply loaded rounds, empty neck sized and pocket reamed brass, 55gn VMax ballistic tips, 50/52gn BTHPs, reloading dies, Hodgdon H380, etc.

    I am in Suffolk, am willing to arrange inter RFD transfer at buyer's expense, but would prefer collection by the buyer. Obviously live rounds would have to be f2f.

    It's here, it's ready for the harvest and those long nights around the stubbles, come guys, make me an offer I can't refuse.

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    Are any of you chaps interested in me splitting this rifle? Stock/Bipod/Leupold bases & rings/scope/barrelled action with trigger mech?

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