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Thread: GWP Pups

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    GWP Pups

    I have a litter of GWP pups for sale both dogs and bitches available, they are from my bitch who has been a great versatile dog that I use for a mix of shooting from beating through rough shooting to Stalking and foxing. She has proved her weight in gold hence I wanted one to bring on as she has just turned 6, when looking for a stud dog I wanted one that was unrelated and worked and also one that was health tested. This one I hit lucky with as Benc posted his dog for stud at just the right time there are a fair few pictures of him in his stud link which is here

    My bitch is from bryantscroft and gavic lines her hip scores are good and also VWD clear, the litter has been legally docked and will come with paperwork will be KC registered and have their first vaccination done. Pups are 650 for bitches and 600 for dogs, any viewing is welcome they are being reared inside and getting handled lots and socialised with people as much as possible, they are a fortnight old at the moment so would be ready to go towards the end of August but I can be flexible round holidays etc. If anyone wants a chat about them just pm me a number and I'll give you a call.

    The colour is just starting to come through after a fortnight

    Abbie my bitch

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    Very tempted. I have a problem, which i may be able to solve before they are ready. I'll pm you shortly!
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    Well they are coming on great guns nice and bold and already taking to exploring the garden and harassing innocent plants and that is at 3.5 weeks old they're just starting the weaning process and having a good go at eating in between giving the mum a hard time

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    Quote Originally Posted by joed View Post
    Very tempted. I have a problem, which i may be able to solve before they are ready. I'll pm you shortly!
    Are you packing her bags ?

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    Ha, ha....luckily for her, the good lady is on board, and I have actually got my choice of breed!! My problem is being in rented accommodation, however we are putting an offer in to buy a house on Monday, so lets see how long this takes. Fingers crossed

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    Well the first one has gone to a forum member NeilG who had his pick of the dogs and has a cracker. There are now just 2 dogs left without deposits on and all are doing really well at 4 weeks old, and getting more photogenic by the day. This is the one who is staying

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    Hello Alex.

    It was great to meet you, your bitch - Abbie, and the litter of pups on Saturday, and to see what a great job you have done with them so far. They are such an even litter, that I found it really difficult to decide, although I am over the moon with pup #7.

    Despite Abbie being a `new mum`, I cannot get over how relaxed she was with us after meeting us at the gate, and then up with the pups in the pen. It was not quite what I was expecting ( after hearing some of the GWP `stories` ) but in hindsight, maybe that is what a contented, well socialised GWP should be like.... The bar for me to aspire to has been set very high indeed...

    Considering how mobile they were at 4 weeks, I cannot wait to come back at 8 weeks, and no doubt the dynamics of the litter will have changed again by then.

    I have no doubt that the remaining dogs will all go very quickly, and have no reservations about recommending this litter to anyone considering a GWP pup, as they all look very strong & healthy, mobile, and very inquisitive.

    Best Regards.


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    Funnily enough Neil one went yesterday to ady243 who I believe you have met and who had fond memories of your last GWP meeting that dog of yours is looking like it will be a bit of a beast he is growing very fast, not the biggest to look at but the heaviest so I have a feeling very much like Hugo. I think Adrian was glad there were only a couple to choose from as it was still very difficult to make a decision. Its nice every one so far is going to a good home, some stalking some falconry and some a total mix then a couple into knowledgeable pet homes to be with GSP's as the owners have seen the light

    Adrian I also found these from the weekend seeing as he wouldn't sit still that well for your pictures, if you want a larger version drop me an e-mail address and I'll send them over, its funny how light they look when the belly is quite so dark.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Brilliant. Looks like Adrian has chosen the other pup that I was thinking about ...... great minds and all that..... but I appreciate the difficulty in choosing as I think any of them would be good to be honest.

    Glad all going to working homes so far, and good luck for the remaining pups.

    All the best.


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    Hi Alex

    Really nice to meet you yesterday and I have to say Neil I am glad I only had to choose between 2, both of which I believe will make excellent working dogs. Such a well breed and even litter it was really down to him picking and carrying a leaf. Thanks for the pictures I can't believe it he looks like he is on point. Looking forwards to picking him up in 4 wks. Adrian

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