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Thread: Trophy photo's

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    Trophy photo's

    Anyone notice how many rifles have bolts closed up in photo's ? Just wondering what everyone else thinks? Don't tend to see this with photo's of people from the continental school. Steve.

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    IMO as long as the stalker and cameraman know it is safe and unloaded there is no problem.

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    Once the blink reflex has been checked i think most people unload placing spent case in a pocket and close the bolt..

    I would prefer placing the rifle down with the bolt closed after showing clear


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    very good point finnbear,
    I personaly, always have the bolt open, after all would you walk round a clay club or to your peg with your shot gun closed saying 'it's ok there's nothing in it'.

    Bolt open is a safe gun


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    Its surprised me too. Am not perfect, but I always try and leave people in no uncertainty as to the condition of my rifle. I would admit to not being quite so cautious when on my own.

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    I don't like seeing a closed bolt either in pictures but where a rifle has been cleared and checked for the purpose of a picture the issue is not so much about safety but etiquette.

    I normally remove the bolt when the rifle is not in hand because the gun will not go bang if the boltís in my pocket. For my snaps I like the bolt in but retracted.

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    My feelings exactly, chaps. I made the same observation myself on another thread just a short while back.

    On a related point I also remove the bolt when going forward to check my target at the range. I'm not sure what an official RCO's response to this should be but I once had a military type object because in his opinion the weapon wasn't as clearly visible to be safe as it would be if the bolt was retained but withdrawn. My feelings are that I am leaving a weapon unattended so I should make every effort to render it unuseable.

    Handgun etiquette at my old club demanded all weapons were handled with slide back and mag. dropped or cylinder open whenever the bearer was away from his firing point. If the intended course of fire was complete then the weapons were duly put away in their carrying slips.

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    When developing loads in the sand quarry I am usually alone, even so I will remove the bolts when I am away from the rifles, when in a photo opportunity, it's bolt drawn fully open. Our American friends were surprised to know that a lot of us use bolt carriers for your belt, "we never take the bolt out" was their comment.

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    Yes, well, Americans eh? Don't they defend the right to arm bears?!

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