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Thread: 1st Fallow (this season) in Norfolk

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    1st Fallow (this season) in Norfolk

    I was out with a mate in Norfolk on Friday morning to see if we could catch up with a fallow pricket.

    We were on our way to the wood at about 6.30, caught a glimpse of a few roe (does) on the way, parked up and had a look around.

    Had a mooch through the woods and saw a nice 3 year old animal too good to cull but, nice to see him all the same. not much sign of any other shootable beast in this patch so we made our way to another.

    We had only been in this block for a short time when we heard a buck grunting away, the first buck they've heard this year I was told.

    We decided to make our way over to him so made our way down one ride to get the wind in our favour and slowly walked into the wood where the grunting was coming from.

    After 5 mins or so we caught sight of the buck, again a nice animal with a good few does with him. We got the sticks set up anticipating the arrival of a pricket or two.

    No sooner were the sticks up than this fella showed up, a little shout to slow him up and I took him at about 50yds with the .270.

    After the shot the woods came alive with fallow, way more than we had previously seen. It's amazing how well the menil animals blend in in woodland.

    It was a very enjoyable mornings stalking and the first fallow i've had on the estate this season and it's one I won't forget.


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    8) spot on

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    Isn't it great when a plan comes together? Congratulations! Roughly where in Norfolk were you?

    I also notice you had your bolt open for the trophy photo. Well done there too. See the current debate on this issue under 'Trophy Photos".

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    nice work chap, good to see someone is doing some work over there!!

    catch you at the wkend


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