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Thread: Scotland trip advice not stalking related

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    Scotland trip advice not stalking related

    Evening one and all
    Once again I need to turn to the great unwashed to seek mystical guidance.

    My dad is an amateur photographer and his passion is wildlife photography, he even spent a week up near the arctic taking piccies of polar bears and such. That was just last year.
    It was his 80th last week birthday and I made the mistake of telling him I would bring him to Scotland for a week so he can do some photography as we would have a wander around. My Bad. He is fit as a fiddle and can walk me under the table as long as he has a regular break with a cup of tea and a sandwich. I have got his flight booked and so I will collect him from Glasgow airport on the 21st September. Nip over to Edinburgh and spend a few hours over there. then on upwards in a northerly direction.

    Sunday spend at Oban?
    Monday Around Fort Augustus day around loch ness?
    Tuesday at Speyside near Aviemore
    Wednesday Moray firth Dolphins and anything else we can fit in after.
    Thursday John O Groats/ Thurso
    Friday back sown south somewhere.
    Saturday morning in Edinburgh and drop him back at Glasgow for his flight home.

    Other than that he wants to go sit in a shed for several hours and try to get a picture of a pine martin. so I am booking a slot at Speyside Wildlife either on the Tuesday or Thursday and as that is not until the evening about 9pm. we will probably spend the day at the Highland wildlife park to amuse ourselves. I take pictures as well so I wont get bored but he is usually a lot better than me. But lets not talk about my photo of the dolphin breaching the surface. snigger.
    I think a trip on a boat off the Moray firth taking wildlife photos of seals, dolphins and birds would be good. Can anybody recommend a good operator for the photography? There are loads of them.

    And as we are that way it would seem to be rude not to go to John O groats for a wander. There is a 6 klick walk that he will happily do although I may moan a bit, and take some snaps along the way.

    But that is only 2.1/2 days. So I have a number of questions.
    Main question. Are we going to be inundated with the midges then? Netted hats advisable?

    I am up for any suggestions of where to go, where to stay, things to photograph. I am trying to plan the whole trip so i do not double back on myself. It is the old once in a lifetime trip so I want to make sure we fill in as much as possible. I don't want to just drive around as it gets boring for the passenger. So start one place stop for a few hours drive to next place etc. Nothing is set in stone and I haven't booked anything yet except the flights.
    All being well I will also pop into Mcleods to have a look at their secondhand scopes. Not that I am having anything to do with shooting . No siree.

    so all suggestions greatly received.

    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Well, as you're up that way, there is a spot I know not far from Drumnadrochit that he could get some otter pictures.
    You could then continue up to Glen Affric which has to be one of the most photogenic areas of Scotland, just be careful on the roads as there are a LOT of red deer there.
    Pm me if you're interested in the otters.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    For dolphin gillimot & bird collony trip the best by far around is ecoadventures in Cromarty I beautiful fishing village 25 miles from Inverness city. You can find them on the web and the pn number is 01381600323 they are the real deal and aim to impress not just a tour its a memory you wont forget.
    I need to book again so addictive living so near to this. You can almost touch the dolphins your that close.
    Enjoy and let me know if you go and what your thoughts are.
    P.s the young lady who is the skipper - her father takes guests out on the hill so may be a contact for you.
    Kind regards

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    If your at Oban, take a ferry trip to Mull and see the Sea Eagles. As for midges, there will be a few million of the little darlings going about. Take nets with you


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    Glen Strathfarrar is simply stunning, highly recommended.
    We holiday close to there every year, I never tire of it.

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    Between Kinbrace & Altnaharra there's Loch Choire estate.....on the estate there are bothy's one by Loch Choire (Loch Bhealaich end) & there are pine martens/otters/golden and sea eagles may also be seen.
    The loch is some 3-4 miles long I think. Of course it's 'stag' season, so you'd have to be careful of any shooting taking place.
    It's a shorter walk in from the 'Crask Inn' on the A836 Altnaharra/Lairg road perhaps 7 miles, but you can overnight in the bothy.

    The track through from Badanloch is a long way....perhaps 14 miles.
    Perhaps a word with the head stalker might allow a car in. ATB
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    Loch Park. Drummuir Estate between Keith and Dufftown. Speak to James he has PineMartins "nesting" in the roof of his shed, you can get quite close to them (10 metres). His number is 01542810334. Nice Guy, lovely place for photography.

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    On the way to Oban, I take it you will be through Calender, take him into Killin. Only a couple of miles off route and falls of Dochart are a must for any photographer.
    then stop at barrage at the bottom of loch awe, pass of brander, see if he is quick enough to snap a leaping salmon.

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    You could mackerel fish at Cromaty , Visit Cawdor castle , Fish and chips at Helmsdale go and sit at the harbour , then cut through to Altnahhara , heading north .
    Beutiful when the light change and you see Caithness in its soft glow .

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    If your going as far as John O'groats it might be worth the marine wildlife trip into the Pentland Firth, all manner of sea birds and there have been loads of sighting of Orca chasing seals.

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