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    Hello, just found this forum and have joined up to get a bit more of an idea about deer stalking. I live in Gloucestershire and am currently bashing my way through the 'Training Manual for Deer Stalking', and hopefully will be taking the DSC1 very shortly.
    I am a Landscape contractor and in recent years my work has taken in forestory, pest control and the susequent fencing measures. I have been shooting with shotguns for many years but only went for my FAC just over a year ago, taking on rabbit control for local tree growers with 17hmr and .22LR. I have been bitten by the bug and want to get into the management and culling/stalking deer, thus bigger calibre rifles and home loading.Deer numbers are on the increase and slowly Roe are moving into the Gloucestershire countryside amongst Fallow and Muntjac that are already here.
    This is the plan and once I have gained the DSC1 I will see how far this can go in this county.

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    Hi Teazel,welcome to the site,good luck with your dsc1 if there are any questions hears the place to ask

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