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    Travel insurance

    Having recently had a heart attack how do i go about travel insurance any decent companies that do this out there thanks in advance atb paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULT View Post
    Having recently had a heart attack how do i go about travel insurance any decent companies that do this out there thanks in advance atb paul
    Hi Paul,
    I was going on holiday to the States last year and was advised beforehand to double check my travel insurance as I had recently undergone surgery and was still attending hospital.

    I called the insurance broker (Phillip Williamson?) and spoke to them. They took note of the circumstances and sent out a letter of acknowledgement. There was no increase in premium or reduction in cover. As I was scheduled for further surgery, he did say to call and let them know well in advance of my travelling in the future.

    If you google the name above as they were very helpful. At that time my family and I were covered by a block insurance policy which was through my work.

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    Yes, there are quiet a few companies that will offer cover for medical conditions including those who have had heart attacks.

    Whether they will offer you a policy that includes cover for your existing medical conditions (and how much it may cost) will depend on a number of factors, including how recently you suffered a heart attack and how well you have recovered (taking into account such things as recovery, medication, and lifestyle), the type of policy you are looking to purchase and where you are going.

    Make sure that what ever policy you go with that you declare all your conditions and understand what they will and won't cover. Some companies will not offer any cover relating to your known medical conditions and any future condition that could be attributed to a pre-existing condition.

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    Most will accept your declaration so that you have some cover, but won't cover you for issues related to the declared condition. So you are travelling at your own risk under those circumstances.

    You need to be clear that you want cover for the declared condition, if that is indeed the case.

    Good luck.

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    Sorry to hear of your recent misfortune, my father was in a similar position a good few years back, he contacted the British Heart Foundation when trying to get holiday insurance, seem to remember they got him sorted. Hope all goes well, Jim.

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    Paul did you by any chance previously have travel insurance through your bank account? I ask because I am in a similar position to yourself having suffered a stroke last October. We phoned around and found the most reasonable cover was still through the bank but with the payment of an additional premium of just over 100 to cover the whole year.
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