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Thread: bushnell, burris or nikon

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    bushnell, burris or nikon

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with any of these budget scopes mounted on a center fire?
    Bushnell xlt
    Nikon pro staff
    Burris fullfield


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    had a fullfield 2 4.5-14 on my treble for a while and it was a great scope, never lost zero and only took it off as i got a good deal on a swaro, cant coment on a larger cf calibre tho. i havent had any of the other 2 models but i have had a nikon monarch and a bush 6500 (both were on 222 and both were fine with recoil) and i would say the burris was the brightest and clearest glass of the 3 and thats still on my 22lr at the moment

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    I use a burris fulfield on my 270 been on now 4 years now i like it very much,atb wayne
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    I have a burris on my 260rem cracking scope for the money cant fault it clear veiw good light collection what more can you ask

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    I had a Nikon Monarch on my .243 and a Nikon Prostaff on my 6.5. Both great scopes with no recoil problems. Highly recommend for the price.


    Bushnell are available at decent prices via Sportsman Gun Centre, as it looks like they've bought up all the stock from the administrators of the previous distributor... Worth going online to see what they are up to, or if at CLA their ad in Shooting Times says that they will have decent show pricing - you'll need to factor in £29 for the ticket a fuel though, so P&P will always be cheaper!!
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    I have no idea about the price of these scopes in the UK, but if they are in the price range of Meopta, get a Meopta. Now i speak about the models 2000/2100/ Meostar, etc.... I have no idea about the Meopro, but am tempted to have a look at a 6-18x50 to put on a 223 for the range. A 7x50 Meopta is not expensive and will outclass any Japanese / American scope in low light. Many years ago I read to much American shooting magazines and got a few of these optics. They don't even come close to the European quality.

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    I have a burris fullfield. At the moment it's on my 22 but I would be happy putting it on my 243. Excellent scope for the money.

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    +1 on the Burris Fullfield. I've got a fixed 6x42 on my .243 and brilliant light gathering at dawn dusk, much better than my binos and has held zero perfectly. Couldn't ask more for £139

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