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Thread: Incredible service !

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    Thumbs up Incredible service !

    I Dropped my EL's on a tiled kitchen floor over a year ago. The lens on one ocular had a small crack and the bonded strap loop on one side was smashed off.

    i thought it would mean an insurance claim because I couldn't imagine the repair being less than hundreds of pounds.

    i was tardy in sending it off for repair as I mostly use my Zeiss 8x bins in the woods and the EL's were 10x so just didn't get round to doing it untill about 3 weeks ago.

    When they arrived at Swaro UK they sent me an acknowledgment letter which I assumed would be followed by a quote for repair. Imagine my surprise today when I answered the door to a DHL courier holding out a box from Swarovski. In it were my fully refurbished and repaired bins (that look new) together with a substantial list of parts used in the repair all with FOC marked against them

    as others have probably said before, hats off to Swarovski Optic who have the best after sales service of any company I know

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    Their service is second to none!

    You'll be able to sell them on and get a set of EL Rangfinders now!
    Job Done.

    (Hope all is well Bud)

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