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Thread: Incredible- slow- motion-bullet-video

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    Incredible- slow- motion-bullet-video

    I found this video very interesting and thought you may like to view it.

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    great video very interesting , now thats one fast camera ...neil

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    Wow that's amazing!!!

    Interesting how the surface appears to take on liquid properties and you can actually see the effects of hydrostatic shock in the ballistics gel.

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    Thanks for posting that it is fascinating to watch.

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    Opens your eye's to the effect the bullet has when it hits the mark

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    Interesting, this shows very clearly the difference between the temporary cavity caused by the shock wave as the bullet travels through the gel and the permanent cavity caused by the actual path of the bullet.

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    It"s the way the jacket splits open along the rifling marks like pre-weakened points that surprised me most, so it seems that a thin jacket will start to open up at the first contact with any fur.
    Makes you think uh!

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    Shows nicely the need for a backstop if anyone was in any doubt!

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    Waw, That is some video!.
    I would decribe it as " Art for engineers ", a real good insight into terminal balistics.

    Dry Powder.


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