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Thread: Beowulf and stone hunting beaver!

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    Beowulf and stone hunting beaver!

    Here's and little clip of Mr B. and Stone on a recent Beaver Hunt!

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    Looks a bit like Mr B only the beard the guy is sporting is ginger, Mr B's is black like an old Sika Buck

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    I heard that when he hunts ginger beaver he dyes his beard accordingly!

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    that has tickled me pink just like mr b's braces
    wicked absolutely wicked

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    Yeah probably shoots like him as well And no the other guy is not like me because the dog is not a Bavarian, just in case the incoming from Mr B is primed that way.

    He should log on about 9 to 10pm as he will be home about that time

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    i never got to see him shoot, but does not install to much confidence in him as the guy in the film missed the beaver
    may be he could lend a set of sticks of me if i remember to put them in the car

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    Bloody gits! I have never missed a beaver! Sometimes I have to shoot it a couple of times but I never miss!

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    Take no notice Mr B, I honestly believe you have never missed a Beaver, got one or two a little far back maybe, but never missed.


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    We had a saying in the Royal Navy JayB, "What happens at sea stay at sea" I can neither confirm or deny that I have ever, shot a beaver too far back!" We have another saying in the Senior Service "Any port in a storm"!

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    Ohhh no Mr B not a TEXAS HEART SHOT!!! on a Beaver.

    You really must practice more

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