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Thread: stalking boots

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    stalking boots

    im looking for a pair of high stalking boots. i have been looking at the le chameau mouflon plus boots. anybody had any experience with them? or is there a better pair?

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    I had a pair of Mouflons for a season but had a problem with the sole delaminating where the rand meets the leather, and the same happened with a replacement.

    Personally, and if it was me , id have a look at the new Harkila Pro Hunter Armortex Kevlars, awesome boot.

    Buy Harkila Pro Hunter GTX Armortex Kevlar Boots - shop at suppliers Scott Country



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    I will need a new pair soon too, so I have been asking around. I've heard good and bad about most makes so far, but that about le chameaus I have also been told about - in fact seems to be a common problem with most makes whenever there is rubber or whatever up the sides. Not come across the harkila kevlar ones yet however, so thanks for the tip, I'll see if I can find any to have a look at at the Game Fair tomorrow.

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    Don't get the Mouflons - they're rubbish and they Squeak even when broken in!
    The best I've used by far are the Meindl Dovre extreme. Bushwear currently have them on offer for £202.49 (previously £224.99)
    Awesome boots built to last!

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    Meindl Douvres or if you want better go for Lundhags Syncro. Had Alt-berg and although well made in Britain they are lead weights.

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    been using dovre extreme's for a while, I rate them very highly, although the buggers gave me a blister on the heel last time I had them on,,probably due to wearing them barefoot in a heatwave

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    Douvre are a winter boot and no socks is just stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Douvre are a winter boot and no socks is just stupid.
    Ah, to me they're all rounders, socks had to come off for reasons that are even more stupid than not wearing any at all..let's say driving to a morning stalk in socks only and hitting the brakes in the car can make a cup of coffee fly from between your legs into the footwell...esp. when it's not a travel mug but a ceramic mug! LOL...not my finest dear old JAYB's pajero smells like instant coffee too!

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    Got the Meindl Dovre extreme boots, very good boot. Managed to pick up a brand new pair on evil bay for £160 posted which I thought was a bargain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Don't get the Mouflons - they're rubbish and they Squeak even when broken in!
    A pertinent observation ; Chameau boots are squeakers to the last. Harkila can suffer from a poor footbed, essentially a fashion boot. For Summer boots : Lowa

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