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    I have a SGC and am in the process of applying for my FAC. Im asking for a .243 for deer and fox and a .17hmr for rabbits ( after much to'ing and fro'ing between .17hmr and .22lr).
    Im in Hampshire and have about 400 acres to shoot on. I do have some experience of rifles but it was in the forces off the back of an aircraft carrier mainly-a world away from the experience i need to be considered safe with a .243.
    Ive had the FEO on the phone this morning to book his visit-he's coming on Thursday morning. He said that the 17 HMR would be no problem, but there would have to be a mentor clause for the 243 to start with. He said i could do the DSC1 course but would still need mentoring to start with.
    The problem i have, is that i know no-one with a FAC within 250 miles of Portsmouth(i hail from Yorkshire originally)
    Is this the end of the 243 application or is there a way round this?
    Obviously i would like to have something in place before the visit if possible.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.


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    Without wanting to argue the rights and wrongs of these type of conditions......

    It might not help you, but others have said that they have been asked to show that they have booked up some stalking with 'commercial' operators. On the basis that this might be easier to arrange, you might think about proposing this instead of a mentor, e.g. evidence of two or three bookings with letters to support. See if they accept that instead.

    Just a thought.


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    Hello Steve

    I have recently posted off my SCG renewal and my 1st FAC. I don't have any land of my own or any shooting rights. I have being going on paid stalking as a client, and my host has provided me with a letter stating I can shoot with him as a client.

    I have my FEO coming over soon and I don't anticipate any problems in getting the FAC. Having spoken with him on the phone he was happy I had gone to the effort to get the letter. As far as I can see the law simply isn't going to let someone lose with a full bore rifle without proving experience and land or as in my case going on paid days. It may not be ideal for you but its a start.

    Cheers John

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    Not trying to stir up a hornets nest, but there is no legal basis for this "mentoring" business, three or four reciepts for stalking outings should be enough, always was enough previously. Steve.

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    If you are a member of BASC or one of the other organisations then I suggest that you discuss this with them. As Steve says, there is no requirement for 'mentoring' set in law. You may not wish to pick a fight with your local Police on your first FAC application but that doesn't mean you should let them ride roughshod over you. JC

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    Had FEO round yesterday to do interview and land checks, all went well with land checks-but would be restricted to shooting from high seats with 243 due to flatness of land (this isnt a problem). No restrictions with 17 hmr. He reiterated the fact that the Chief wouldnt grant the 243 without a mentor clause, which would be lifted after id shot 5 or 6 deer.
    He said that the HMR grant would be straightforward.
    I asked him about fox with the 243(i asked for deer and vermin) and he said there was probably a 70/30 chance(Hampshire police think 243 is "overkill" on charlies) of the 243 being granted purely for fox, with a view to sorting out the mentor at a later date for the deer.
    He said there would be no mentor for fox!!
    Now im confused-surely shooting a smaller animal, possibly at night, is potentially more dangerous than shooting a larger animal in broad daylight?
    Hasnt the FEO got to satisfy himself that im not going to be a danger to the public?
    He obviously doesnt think that i would be or wouldnt recommend to his boss the 17hmr and 243 for fox.
    I spoke to Matt at BASC today and he says that ive got to speak to the firearms manager on monday as he thinks theyre taking the p1ss.
    If i still get nowhere after that then to ring him back and let him know the outcome and hell phone the Manager.
    Apparently Hampshire are well known for making up illogical "rules"-so ill have to see what the outcome is next week.
    I was a bit torn between not wanting to start a p1ssing contest with the FEO and standing up for myself-after speaking to BASC i think it'll be the latter!

    Thanks for the replies-much appreciated.


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    Hampshire are no different to any other force in "making laws" instead of enforcing laws, .243 winchester was originally designed as a do all foxing & vermin round, as illustrated by its minimum status re large deer , speak to your B.A.S.C. person show these people you know what your talking about & they will be more likely to work with you rather than against, is your feo /flo trying to steer you towards a .223 out of misguided thinking?

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    He's made no mention of 223 at all, just seems to have a problem with the 243......if used on deer!



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    Steve d

    Page 77 HO guidence to police clearly says .243 is ok fox. I'd point that out if I were you.


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    I feel sorry for you Steve, your FEO is clearly an idiot. Whats that about only using high seats! Since when did the FEO's have the remit to tell you how to stalk! Its like the DVLA telling you where you can go in your car! I hope that the BASC will get stuck in and make them tow the line. JC

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