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Thread: Heym SR21 .308

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    Heym SR21 .308

    Hi Guys. After much deliberation and head scratching I have decided to sell my Heym SR21 in .308 Winchester.
    Cracking rifle with good looks and shoots well.
    I bought this for a hunting trip to Finland, but couldn't get it on my European pass in time so took my Sauer instead. I've used it a little since, but I find I mainly pick up the Sauer since not wanting to knock the Heym about.
    It is a lovely gun, with excellent build quality, slick bolt action and shoulders beautifully.
    I walk along way on my stalks so like nice light rifles such as this. Would make an excellent hill rifle or to take on a boar hunt.
    It has genuinely fired under 100 rounds including load development.
    There is a full review on
    The Shooting Show €“ British boar under moonlight and Heym SR21 review | The Shooting Show...

    These are quality rifles and I love it but just find I am too bothered about keeping it dry/clean etc.
    Below are pictures of the actual rifle. Scope is a zeiss duralyt 1.2-5x36 illuminated dot bought end last year. Great for driven game or woodland stalking. (I've been using it in woodland) and is shown on my Sauer.
    I am keeping the 2-8x42 shown on the Heym.
    Attachment 30424Attachment 30425Attachment 30426Attachment 30427Attachment 30428Attachment 30429Attachment 30430Attachment 30431Attachment 30432Attachment 30433Attachment 30434

    Sale includes. Heym SR21 in .308 Winchester. Apel swing off mounts (30mm), Ziess Duralyt 1.2-5x36 ill Scope (inc box etc), Nice leather sling, any ammo I have made up, hard carry case, and anything else I find which goes with it.
    I'm looking for 1500 face to face or RFD at your cost. I do come upto Scottish boarders so could meet anywhere between Coventry and Edingburgh.
    ​Can be tried on my ground or yours.
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    Lovely rifle mate I'd love it ,
    good luck with the sale .

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    Certainly is a nice bit of gear.

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    Always liked Heyms.Handsome rifle.

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    Just noticed a couple little errors. I had put 1800 instead of 1500. Which even though a great rifle is a bit optimistic, typing late at night is not a good idea. Hope the correct price gets your appetites going.

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    Yes a very nice package,excellent quality will last a life time,correctly cared for.

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    How much without the scope please woodmaster mate maybe interested .

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