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Thread: tikka picatinny

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    tikka picatinny


    I'm contemplating putting a picatinny rail on my Tikka M695 so its more versatile with regards to scope mounting for eye relief etc.. I've read somewhere that the Rails made for the Tikka t3 also fit the m695 as they are both long action and have the same screw hole spacings, and I was wondering if anyone could clarify this and also recommend an aluminium rail without any MOA alteration.
    My action is left handed if that makes a difference I don't know.


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    May i suggest speaking with the lads at Third Eye Tactical. I use their products and they are excellent quality. 7075T6 Alluminium i believe.
    Made in Yorkshire too .


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    I have a third eye rail on my Tikka 595 in left hand - can't fault it. Be ready to hunt for screws though as TE do not supply them.
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    I've got a genuine sako/tikka one on my T3 and i'am sure its steel.i will measure the hole spacings if you want.

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    EGW or Warne are pretty good, and reasonably priced.
    Had an EGW on my T3, now have a Warne on my TRG.

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