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Thread: 222 rem

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    222 rem

    guys who still uses the 222 rem??? have given a lot of thought to buying one as my first cf rifle..... everyone says 223 for cheaper ammo but whats the point if the cheaper ammo does nt group well???it would nt get much use with me sadly as work seems to dictate more and more of my free time

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    had .222. liked the round, hated the rifle. bought a .223 in a nice rifle..preferred the .222 so sold the .223. now bough a .222 in the rifle I liked and had in .223 :-)

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    all dealers tell me 223 is way to go but none of them ever have a cheap 222 lol... thought a 222 may be little cheaper

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    Have a look at the ballistics charts for both and buy whatever you like the ballistics of.
    If you have to buy slightly dearer ammo to get a good group then so be it as long as you are happy with the round.
    You can always reload.


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    Quote Originally Posted by verminshooter29 View Post
    all dealers tell me 223 is way to go but none of them ever have a cheap 222 lol... thought a 222 may be little cheaper
    Have a look on there was a really nice tikka 590 with fab wood for sale not long ago, I'd have bought it if I hadn't just bought a 595 in .222
    really nice to use, easy to load for, and the 'cheap' ammo is usually surplus NATO 5.56, and using that in a .223 is a topic on its own.

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    I have a tikka m590 in 222 I love it but just got a 22-250 on my ticket so am going to sell it as I need to shoot out to a further distance

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    I ll have to start looking about local again, seems to be little about in good nick over here

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    This is a lefty and maybe a bit dear but the 590 is a great rifle. I would have bought it but it came on the market just after I had bought a T3.
    The T3 is fine...but the 590 is finer.


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    I watch gt all the time,them older tikkas are great rifles... right handed tho......

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    222 is a great round. I sold my hb sako a1 to my mate just before I came here. I had a 223 as well, and I didn't want to add any scratches to the sako.
    Any 50 to 55 gn pill and a case full of 2207 (about 20 gns) will get you shooting.

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