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Thread: 8x42 or 10x42

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    8x42 or 10x42

    Hi all iam going to buy a pair of yeica binoculars , but what i cant decide on is what power to go for 8x42 or 10x42 i would be interasted in any feedback.

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    Have to agree I have some lecia 10x50 and they are excellent glasses but they are heavy if I was buying again it would be 8x42

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    8x better for woodland, 10x better for hill IMO so depends what kind of stalking you do

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    Buy the 8x fella much lighter,if your going on the hill and got the loot buy a drawscope as well!

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    I have a pair of Swaro 10x42 SCL's but wished I had got the 8x42 version as most of my stalking is done in forests.


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    10*42 but it's down to you what suits best they are heavy but at first/last light I'd never be with out them.

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    8x good for most situations be it woodland or hill if you own only one pair of good bino's this is the one

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    Definately for an all round hunting binocular 8x42 is the one to go for

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    Just purchased a pair of Zeiss Victory HT's in 8x 42.
    Absolutly Su-Bloody perb !

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