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Thread: Northstar mod cover

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    Northstar mod cover

    I have a northstar mod and am struggling to find a suitable mod cover. I have a chuncky neoprene job designed for a T8 from Garlands at the moment which slides down the barrell given half a chance and is v big.
    Has anyone out there found a good cover for this mod?
    Suggestions gratefully recieved.


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    In the Shooting Times about a few weeks back, was a short article how to make mod cover from Garlands shotgun cover. I might be wrong, but it was some kind of heat shrink material. Might be worth to have a look at that.


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    Why would you want to put a cover on it anyway. Its stainless steel & does'nt ring when knocked.
    All I did with mine was to degrease it and spray it with VHT paint (black) which now loooks matt dark grey. Perfect.

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    Cheers guys,
    sariel that sounds like a great idea your absolutely right. it sounds stupid but I just assumed it needed a cover as it was silver and metal,hadn't thought that it didn't need a cover at all! And it will look really smart on the end of my sako 75 S/S.

    All the best George

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