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Thread: Cracking day.

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    Cracking day.

    Well what a wonderful October day in Argyll. By dawn I was 1000ft up the hillside and stalking into a red spiker with larger stags roaring from all around. I spotted 2 large stags on the skyline of the opposite hill, all monarch of the glen stuff, boy can those stags pose! The spiker spooked and disappeared, the wind was working for me and being above I was surprised I was spotted. Any how I gave a roar to try and stop him but no joy.......... because coming around the corner ws this beauty! An 11 pointer. Sticks up and a nice broadside shot at 200m with a 6.5x55 140gr Federal and S&B 8x56.

    It only took me 3 hours to drag him the mile to the nearest vehicle access, but isnt that part of it?


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    well done

    Nice job!! Got my first red on Sunday morning. Full sympathy on the drag

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    Great write up and an excellent photo.
    You`re a lucky bugger to be able to experience it but i don`t envy the three hour drag.

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    super story, super picture , super stag...

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    Sounds like you had a great time mate nice to see the reds in all there glory

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    Argyll...those are some serious hills!!

    Very nice stag and nice write up - well done.


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    That's a seriously good photo. Totally compliments your story. Some people have a
    knack for framing a picture. Hope you don't mind I've just saved it as the desktop on my
    blackberry. Well done, I'm very jealous.

    All the best


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    That is a great photo, three hour drag though, you should start on a spinach diet if this is to become a habbit. Out of interest what did it weigh in the larder?

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    Thats a brillant photograph, some lovely ground, good write up as well.


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