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Thread: BRNO ZH 301 O/U Shotgun

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    BRNO ZH 301 O/U Shotgun

    Hi All, has anybody got one? How do they rate for field use? Been offered one at a snip price,need more info please on the build,spares etc,Thanks

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    I had one for years. Odd style but worked OK. You can get other barrels for them includeing combi rifle shot gun barrels.

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    Hi Jagare,it appears to be solid in build and in overall good condition.I understand that Czechs build good workmanlike guns...thanks for the info!

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    Ive got 1. Itll be 25yr old at least and still going strong. Ive 2 sets of barrels for it. Ive known my gun since it was new.


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    If i remember right you can fire both barrels with one trigger like a single trigger gun.

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    Thanks Guys! Done deal...woodies watch out!

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