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Thread: How long to keep meat in fridge?

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    How long to keep meat in fridge?

    Sorry if this seems a silly question but how long can I keep venison once butchered in the fridge safely.
    At the moment with roe I hang the beast in its jacket in the chiller about 4.C for a week then skin and butcher it. The meat is then eaten or frozen within a few days.
    I am now the proud owner of a shiny new mincer/sausage stuffer and need to know how soon I need to get on with the processing post butchering to be on the safe side. How do shops work out thier use by dates? Any advice greatfully recieved.


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    You should be able to keep it at least another week in the fridge safely and probably even two at a push. Some people hang them for three weeks before even skinning! 4 degrees is well below the legal maximum of 7 degrees too which will extend your storage time.

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