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Thread: The Hunter - Willem Dafoe SD Reviews?

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    The Hunter - Willem Dafoe SD Reviews?

    Anyone watched the above film? I have been accused of being fussy over film inaccuracies so just wondered if anyone had seen it and whether I should bother or not?

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    It's worth watching. Set in Tasmania. Features the conflict between loggers and greenies as a sub-plot.

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    Watched it on Netflix last week-not bad at all worth a couple of hours of your time.

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    I watched it on Netflix a while ago, a good film, and also shows that Australia is not always warm!

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    Pretty good. Didn't recognise the rifles they were using though! ... I know I'm sad.

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    Thought it was a good film, I'd watch it again.
    Slight spoiler, which I'll share when you've had a chance to watch it.
    There's another film, a Swedish one called 'The Hunters', that was alright too if not a bit 'hick'.
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    Give A Lonely Place To Die and Blooded a shot.

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