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Thread: Usefull mod for Google Earth

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    Usefull mod for Google Earth

    In case any of you want to print off or just look at OS Maps of your permissions with footpaths ect download this Google add on file and save it to your desk top. Then when you double click the file it will open Google Earth, zoom down to your required bit of land wait for a few seconds and the O/S map will appear. May be usefull to some of you

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    link to file here

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    This site is very similar and shows you two screens: Google earth next to a map showing all the footpaths. What is also handy is that you can zoom in on the footpath map and it shows the names of most farms/properties, which are not available on OS.
    Disadvantage of this free facility is that generally, towards the evening, the facility is disabled as it only allows x views per day.

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    As well as google earth, I use OS Atlas (there is a free version) or Range Card.. both available on the Playstore and installed on my Android.

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