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    I've had a cracking day in Glen Lyon 2 years ago. Great place.

    Edited to say that temptation has got the better of me and I will be out on Monday!

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    Was up on the Inerwick Estate last Monday. Roaring all over the place. Wind was shifting 180 degrees all day. I drew the short straw and my mate was up for first shot. He got a stag going over with bad antlers at 1300 hrs. I spent the next four hours fighting the wind.

    On Tuesday we were up around Schehallion in perfect conditions. Too mant deer though, eyes everywhere. Every approach was rumbled by yet another herd showing up. Eventually got in position on the only herd we could. About 100 hinds with a 16 pointer holding them!!!! Stalker phoned the landowner to clear the shot. Waited over an hour for the stag to get up after his afternoon siesta. Plenty of roaring going on but nothing was moving in on this guy. Took the shot and he trotted off uphill only to lay down after 20 paces and keel over.

    The hinds slowly moved off and after 30 minutes we stalked up to him as my mate still wanted a go on the other stags that were still strutting their stuff. Got to my beastie to count 20 points!!!!

    Size of the beast indicated that he must have escaped from a farm in his youth. Both farms in the area mark their deer but this one had no marks.
    On getting him off the mountain we called around but no one had (or had lost) a 20 pointer.

    Bloody great grin on my face for the rest of the week when after Sika in the borders.


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    stag stalking glenlyon

    Glad to read the report of stalking in Glenlyon. I am there for the last two days next week and very much looking forward to it. Last year I had a wonderful time.

    Any other SD stalker experienced this glen if so I am sure we would like to hear of their experiences. I would like to see the photograph of the 20 pointer


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    Well done on the 20 pointer would not mind seeing a photo myself
    I have been up innerwick 10 years ago stalking with the last keeper very good day out but hill walkers spoiled my 2 stalks for the day.
    Have been out on north chesthill a couple of time good stalking qwite open on the tops thow good fun thow.
    I shot my first stag between innerwick and north chesthill i lyed and waited for 2 hours so he stood up i thougth it was not very sporting to shoot my first stag lying down 16 stone he was i remember the drag 3 hours and i nearly lost my rifle it took 30 mins to find it ,it was a ruger with a dark comp stock whitch blinded in a bit to well with the back ground and many after good fun when i was 18 .
    Its good to hear SD Members have had good stalks in glenlyon.
    Looking forward to monday hopfully it will be my first stag off southchesthill.


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    Okay, now then this is going to sound critical, and its not meant to be honest, and I expect to be shot down for this.....but I cannot understand the thinking of shooting a top quality stag (20 pointer!!) on the verge of passing on his genes to 100 hinds. Surely there were other quality stags available so that the very best could be left?

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    In my own case I found that day a very hard one as there were too many herds around. Plenty of 12, 14 pointers around and we saw many confrontations. Only one where a smaller stag pushed off a bigger one. Even saw two 12 pointers box.

    We stalked onto only the one herd we could after four hours to find that the stag showed five point cups. The stalker phoned the landowner to point this out etc. The stalker and landowner allowed this to be "shot". 350, same as my mate shot the previous day with a gone over head of 4 plus points, same price.

    Stag of a lifetime and the landowner and stalker were content, better deer managers than I.

    256 metres from below. Closest we could get to any deer those two days, too many hinds, too many stags with the rut in full roar.

    It was offered, I chose not to decline.


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    Current stalker is Dave Pirrie.

    They're putting in Micro Hydro at the moment so some footpaths are diverted. A bit disconcerting when you finish check zero, stand up and two hikers walk past the target....

    Not too bad, they were still alive and only following the track over to Rannoch.

    The 180 degree windshift buggered up Monday. Found myself stalking downhill at one point into Glen Lyon and looking at the backstop, not! Other side of the hill was more comfortable.

    My first time with the rut in full roar, awsome.

    Again, too many deer to stalk normally. Plan A turned to B and we were happy there were 26 letters in the alphabet...

    I only got onto one stag in eight hours of "my time" in two days. Spent one hour on shot waiting, 45 minutes after shot to allow the other deer to move off and then approach the stag, gralloch and then move off after my mates next (he didn't get one after two hours across a steep face).


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    If I was in the same position as yourself I would have done the same, animal of a lifetime. My query I suppose was why would the stalker & landowner, who as you said are responsible for the herd, want it shot? Maybe they have so many very good stags on the ground that the loss of one, albeit particularly exceptional, animal was acceptable to them.

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    The rut was awsome. Glassing the hill from the start showed over a dozen Imperials. We moved where we could but were constrained by the movement of additional herds coming over the top. We were only able to stalk onto one "Roar' and the rest is history.

    I believe that my stag was new to this part of the hill as neither the stalker/landowner or any of the March Estates were aware of the beast, we called round afterwards.

    Imperials aplenty on the hill with the chance that they might be 16. My gut feeling is that the "deer management" did the honourable thing and allowed me to shoot the biggest animal on the hill as was directed, just not what turned out to be what they thought was there.

    Lucky me.

    I had an hour gathering my breath, pondering the decision and then taking the shot.



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    Although I don't shoot for heads , I am more of a" How much meat's on the back end of that Hind ?" I can admire these beasts & you certainly did what I would have done in the same situation, sounds like a memory to last a lifetime Stan.

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