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Thread: I've been bad!

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    I've been bad!

    I know I swore off of buying rifles this year and Lord knows, I have been pretty good about running the other way, but tonight the overwhelming forces of Temptation and Greed turned me from the path of righteousness.

    I went to the City this afternoon and visited one of the large sports shops. There I saw, damn my eyes, a Tikka T-3 Stainless .223 with a 1-10" twist. The price was $650 US. I could feel the yearning the minute I picked it off the rack. No sooner had I hoisted it to my shoulder but a salesman was at my elbow whispering to me about their new store credit card; Six months same as cash on purchases over $500. I like six months same as cash. Then he says that the first purchase made with that card gets an automatic $15 off the price. Then he says that, additionally, any firearms purchase gets another $25 off right off. I must have blacked out at that point. I came to my senses a few blocks from the store with the Tikka box in the back seat blocking the view of my rear-view mirror and 80 rounds of Federal .223 in a bag next to it.

    I need help...~Muir

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    It is not a question of whether you are in the dung.

    Merely a question of how deep.

    ​I refer you to your other post on discretionary funds.

    But, as one sinner to another, there is nothing quite like the sweet smell of a good deal.
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    T3 Muir,,really,,you must know better than to drink the blood of the unholy swine!

    tell you what, send me a selection of your M98 FN and Oberndorfs, and I'll happily send you some Tikka actions in return!

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    Quote Originally Posted by charadam View Post
    It is not a question of whether you are in the dung.

    Merely a question of how deep.

    ​I refer you to your other post on discretionary funds.

    But, as one sinner to another, there is nothing quite like the sweet smell of a good deal.
    I know, right??
    My funding thing will be taken care of shortly which is why the 6 mos same as cash appealed. I mean, it's not the money spent. It's the dirtiness I feel.

    PKL: Tikka= Shooting machine. And besides, we never see 1-10" twists here. My T-3 Lite is an 1:8". ~Muir

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    Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim and you my friend must buy rifles. I say dont fight it be what you are......

    Signed The Enabler ( Steve) lol

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    Such love from you guys.

    I slapped a Ziess Conquest on top of that Tikka and shot it tonight with some "universal" .223 loads using Win 748 and a 50 grain V-Max. It shot clusters. My 25m siter put my first three shots through pretty much the same hole. At 100 the first three were a half inch. The last three cloverleafed.

    Then I pulled out my custom Hart barreled Howa and shot some fine groups. For my last shot I told my buddy I was going to hit a bullet hole from one of his siters. I did. (Sierra MK. H322 and a Rem 7.5: shoots in the two's) The Tikka shows promise but I love Howa.~Muir

    PS: So what I don't like about the Tikka. The freaking cost of extra magazines! Polymer. Not exactly the pinnacle of precision gun craft. EIGHTY DOLLARS, EACH!!
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    Don't you now owe a hundred dollars to your pal for buying a rifle costing over a hundred dollars, and breaking your new years resolution?

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    I could quite happily pay the $100.00 fine, just so I could live like the other half live over there!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    The tikka sounds good. 1:10 eh, very interesting.
    Tell us more about the howa. I have a weatherby action and Macmillan stock at home. Can't decide whether to persist with this project in 6br, or sell a few guns and buy an R8. The 223 R8 also has a 1:10 I have been informed.

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    You only live once my friend

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