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Thread: stag attack

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    We all know how unpredictable natures is why be shocked its the rut.

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    Not surprised at all, few years ago at Rackenford on a pheasant shoot myself and a friend bumped into a stag with his hinds, he had attitude! he walked towards us, got within a few metres and we fired a shot over his head, it did stop him but he only casualy walked away, that is why i always carry AAA or larger when i'm up there!

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    This does happen now and then. Most of us know to avoid stags during the rut, (or at any time in hard antler come to that). I have had a quad bike written off by a de-antlered stag while I was on it. But we need to keep these things in perspective. How many people get hurt or killed by bulls and other cattle yet it hardly rates a mention.

    Nevertheless very scary for the people involved and made worse by the fact that when it happens the chance of help being close by is not high.

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