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Thread: Another eyup from sunny donny

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    Another eyup from sunny donny

    Hi there all,the names dave and as you will already know I'm from gods own country DONCASTER,I shoot air rifles,shotguns and centre fire.I own my own mot station so if any of you guys need any help with anything to do with motors drop me a pm and if I can help I will.

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    You dont own a Landrover do you?

    welcome btw,

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    Yes I do bobt it's a 110 double cab on galv chassis with lots and lots of mods,it will be at billing next weekend

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    you own a landrover and still have time to fix other peoples cars welcome to the site.

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    LOL I like it ruby but no I don't fix my own Landy the guys that work for me do that but I know exactly where you are coming from.If you are at the billing show this coming weekend mine will be on show there.

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    Welcome to the site

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi from gainsborough. I own a 110 CSW landy

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