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Thread: Knife Recommendation - Svord

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    Knife Recommendation - Svord


    Just reading the posts here and thought I would chip in! This is by no means an advert just a recommendation.

    I bought 3 or 4 Svord knives from eBay just before they changed the rules and can't recommend these knives highly enough. There are not many importers or guys selling them but I do have details of one chap if anyone is interested.

    I have Bucks and CRKT etc but none sharpen or keep an edge like these. I can literally shave with them all. Check them out on They need a little care as they're not stainless but they are great bits of kit and there is quote an interesting story about the company too on the site.



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    A useful looking Tanto with black handle, & a better looking drop point similar to a Buck with the green handle, pretty good looking stuff all over.

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