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    Speaking with a stalker up in Inverness on Saturday. He was telling me he had seen two big woodland stags clean of velvet. He felt this was the earliest he had ever seen this.
    Anyone else got any reports?

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    I saw 2 groups of reds last week near contin both sets in velvet
    ​ Atb tom

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    Shot two 12 days ago still in velvet and still growing, not seen any clean yet on my trail cameras either.


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    Anybody even seeing them in tatters? 12th August was always the date I worked to.

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    Out this morning saw two groups of stags, out of maybe 20-30 animals there was only one that was partially clean.
    Recognising these particular deer and looking at their antlers, I recon there is still some growing to be done especially on the ones that were very late casting.

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    Just had the opposite - shot a roe buck on Saturday morning that still had a fair bit of velvet on his antlers.

    He was ancient, though - almost no teeth left at all, and hip joints were so arthritic and calcified had to use a chisel to pry them apart.

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