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Thread: Borden .260AI left handed

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    Borden .260AI left handed

    I have for sale my left handed .260AI.

    It's built on a Borden Alpine action, 22.5" Border cut stainless fluted barrel.
    Long bolt handle and fluted bolt and Jewel trigger with bottom safety.
    It comes with a Jet-Z moderator, Borden rail, AI bottom including a metal 5 shot mag.
    McMillan lazzeroni stock.

    It has fireformed 100 case at low pressure, (included in sale) then fired 29 Ackley Improved rounds which includes the shots fired at proof.

    It also comes with a set of dies and 163 heads

    2300 o.n.o

    only for sale as I have too many rifles and I always grab the same one! will also be selling a few other bits of kit soon.

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    Good morning.

    Could you please advise who built the rifle.

    Best rgs

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    Hi Chris.
    Yes, message is as follows.
    What is the overall weight.
    I'm looking to keep the weight down as I have enough rifles on the heavy side and unfortunately carry them more than I shoot them.
    What's the max overall length of loaded round that will fit in the AI box mag?
    I'm not a fan of AI calibers and would either have a go at rechambering to 6.5x284 or re barrel.
    My number is 07887883705.
    Could you give me a call to discuss further.


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    Just measured it as been asked and it is 1-8.5inch twist rate.

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    I'm a bit biased as you can see in my Gallery, but that's a stunning bit of kit. What dies are included in the sale? Best regards JCS

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    Their is a redding .243 full die series A if you want to use .243 brass then theirs a redding type S bushing neck sizer and a redding competition bullet seater.

    ​thanks bullet

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    Even penetrated with a plastic pop bottle it has class!

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    Couldn't find a bullet case big enough to do the job!!

    As been asked it weighs 9.5lb as pictured

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