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Thread: Bavairian Mountain hound Puppy

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    Bavairian Mountain hound Puppy

    One Male Bavarian Mountain Hound pup he is 9 weeks old and was cancelled through relationship problems. He has a deposit on him that i will take off the price so he is a real bargain to someone looking for a tracking/ Deer Dog.
    Pictures to follow.

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    price please

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    Is this pup still for sale? if he is, please can I have a price?

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    Davie best no let my missus see him or i'd be on my way up the 74 she loves the bmh's , im sure someone will snap him up pronto

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    So am i Bob he is a real nice pup well made and has stile about him,.

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    Hi 6Pointer,

    Cracking looking pup unfortunately she who must be obeyed says I'm only allowed 2 dogs (both cocker spaniels). Maybe if I showed her the pics?


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    stunning big strong pup wish i could afford him.. what is the price for him

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