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Thread: FAC conditions questions!

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    FAC conditions questions!

    Finally got my FAC. The conditions state :-

    “The .243 calibre rifle, Sound Moderator and ammunition shall be used for shooting deer and zeroing on ranges, or land deemed suitable by the chief officer of police for the area where the land is situated and over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot.

    The certificate holder may possess, purchase or acquire expanding ammunition, or the missiles of such ammunition, in the calibres authorised by this certificate and use only in connection with:
    A) the lawful shooting of deer;
    B) the shooting of vermin or, in connection with the management of any estate, other wildlife;
    C) the humane killing of animals;
    D) the shooting of animals for the protection of other animals of humans.”

    When I applied for my certificate I asked stated the rifle was for the use of “ Deer stalking, vermin and fox control, zeroing and practice”

    Can anyone answer these questions :-

    Does my FAC allow me to shoot vermin and fox?
    Are vermin and fox covered by statement B?
    And am I able to “practice” on an approved range?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Jared,
    Its seems to me that you can use approved ranges, in fact they will usually make sure you do! What seems to be missing is:- 'And for shooting foxes whilst out deer stalking'. I think thats what they write. I have been told by one FAO that fox are not vermin! So be careful. Phone them and question what they have put on your ticket. It really is a game, you need to be polite but put your point across clearly.
    If the FOA got his leg over last night or the donut shop is having a sale he might just let you have what you want. IMHO its that random!

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    Jared you have been issued with a closed ticket, and as it does not state Fox I would ask them to specify it on your ticket.

    Trouble is every constabulary makes its own bloody rules up

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    i was in the same situation, but its all resolved now.

    you are only allowed to shoot deer and targets with that rifle on any land that is approved for that calibre, if you are with someone with an open certificate for a calibre larger than yours, BASC will advise that it is safe to use it even if no land check has been made by plod.

    you need to have the words "and fox" added.

    you do not want to have the words "and fox while deer stalking", as you cant shoot deer at night, therefore that would prevent you from going out foxing at night.

    of course, there's nothing wrong with going out shooting targets at night, and if while out target shooting you were to see an injured/unhealthy fox, it would be your duty to dispatch it!
    its amazing how mant unhealthy foxes are out there!!!

    im waiting for a .308 variation to come through, and that should have the words "shoot deer and fox while deer stalking" on it. i will not be allowed to take that rifle out at night to shoot foxes.

    its all to do with what the home office guidance says each calibre is suitable for and why they will grant each calibre. they do not class foxes as vermin. some people who have had certificates for longer, have things such as "for pest control and sporting purposes" but those conditions are not able to be granted for new certificate holders due to the software that generates the certificates (i asked for that one myself).

    getting the certificate that you want is almost as much sport as the sport itself!

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    Thanks for the advice. I've talked to the local FAC officers and am now clear on the situation. I have to send the license back with a letter stating that I want fox adding to it. As it's a .243 I am not allowed "vermin" as it's classed as too powerful. Again this all comes down to the Home Office guidelines you mentioned.

    So, what happens if you get caught shooting a bunny with a .243 or larger calibre rifle? Not that I plan too I hasten to add!!!


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    the bunny would be too dead!

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    Your ticket allows you to only hunt/shoot the species named on the licence and on the ground that has been certificated for that calibre of weapon. The onus is on the chief constable if you hurt anyone as he is satisfied that the area is suitable for the calibre you are using

    I take a great many people stalking and particularly overseas clients. They can use all my rifles providing I am with them at all times and I am the leaseholder/owner/or have written permission to stalk, without a licence. I am a little unsure about someone taking their rifle on a closed licence to another place to shoot, as you are not taking the weapon to and from the regular place you stalk, even if you are with a full licence holder on the ground, you may find you will need to inform the police before doing so.

    I assume this is your first licence, and therefore you will have to wait 5 years as a rule before they will consider giving you a full open ticket.

    It is all nonsense really but I am afraid thats how it works, although each chief constable and FO can have some cranky ideas how to apply it.

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    If your FAC dosen`t state fox with a .243 then you can`t shoot fox, it`s as simple as that. A pal of mine once got a telling of from the feds in Hertfordshire when he shot a fox while out stalking when it wasn`t stated on his FAC, there is a lot more to the story as to how they found out, but it`s a long one. The upshot of it all was that they just made him aware of the fact he couldn`t shoot fox with his .243 without it being on his FAC, and took no further action.


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