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Thread: PAIR of Tikka M595 Continentals in .308Win & .223Rem

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    PAIR of Tikka M595 Continentals in .308Win & .223Rem

    After a lot of thinking I've decided to sell a load of gear, including my two matching Tikka M595 Continentals to fund our self build project. One is in .308Win and the other is in .223Rem both are in excellent condition and have seen ~700 rounds.

    Both rifles are stock, although the triggers have been tuned, the barrels are 20", threaded M18 with invisible thread protectors and match crowned by the legend Mike Norris. Both come with 5 round magazines.

    The .308Win is on the bipod the .223Rem is laid down. Can be sold individually or as a pair.

    675ovno each

    Their associated mounts, rings, scopes (Bushnell Elite 6500), .30 cal moderator (ASE Utra JetZ Compact - used on both guns), neoprene scopesmith covers, butler creeks, slings, bolt holsters, reloading equipment, cleaning equipment, ammunition and spare heads, powder, primers, cases etc are all up for negotiation (and NOT sold separately before the rifles).

    I'm based near Nantwich but work throughout North and Mid Wales should you wish to meet up somewhere. Posting from RFD to RFD is also an option.

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    hi there fella whats the best u will do on the 308 for the gun scope and mod thanks

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    PM's replied

    Rifle, mod, scope and mounts absolute best price 1k (plus some ammo thrown in) face to face (or via RFD at your cost).


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    Just a query. Your post says the rifles are stock in 20" barrel length.

    If so, these will have had the standard HB barrel of 60cm/23.6". Have these been cut down before threading & crowning?
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Yes, original barrel, action, bedding etc - all the parts are stock. The only "modifications" or "tweaks" to the stock parts are that the trigger has been tuned (crisp ~2lb pull) and minor barrel shortening, threading and crowning. It just brought the balance of the rifle back ever so slightly for standing shots.

    Both shoot sub 0.5inch at 100m.


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    New price 595 no offers
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    Tikka223Ga.jpg   Tikka308Ea.jpg   Tikka223Ba.jpg  
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    Both sold subject to the usual
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